STUDIO GREY is a unique and modern Scandinavian inspired studio that offers fashion and home accessories.

This blog will detail how I came up with the idea and how we got to where we are today! I have always admired all these DIY girls on instagram – oh how easy everything looks. Shiplap? How hard can that be, right Joanna Gaines???

So here was the plan. I was going to rent this CUTE tiny little retail spot in my neighborhood – just a few little updates and I was going to open my first brick-and-mortar store. Easy Peasy. Well, that was late February. A few lease drafts later it wasn’t just March…. it was COVID-MARCH. Rent idea scratched. Like a lot of us I turned into Project- DIY- girl…. we started with puzzles, went to paint-by-numbers, cross-stitching and I think it was at candle making when my family decided to go on strike.

That meant I had to come up with a new idea:

  • Kick the family out of the house and make it a super cute AirBNB ….. or
  • build a SHE SHED and make it my own store.

FIRST let me make one thing COMPLETELY CLEAR. DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT call my STUDIO a SHE SHED. I am not Sheryl. My Studio is NOT a SHE-SHED. Ok. Now we got that out of the way. ( My darn kids and husband STILL call it a SHED. Should have kicked them out and gone with the AirBNB idea)


So here is how we got started. My dogs get groomed in the country. Not very far away but far enough to where it seems like an eternity. On my way there I drove by this place that had cute little …. DONT SAY IT!!! …. sheds??? Nope, TINY BUILDINGS:) So, after months of driving by and imagining a little Studio in a little tiny barn building I stopped in and ordered one! After that I spent most of my days and nights on Pinterest and YOUTUBE to learn how to get it looking like the cute little Scandinavian modern and unique store I wanted to have!

This blog is dedicated to the process that turned THIS little SHED into my little STUDIO GREY.

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